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Prosper From Change

The Prosper-from-Change program is designed for when an organization needs to make big or small changes possible. With it, your organization can rapidly achieve strategic alignment between the leadership team and the workforce, while at the same driving personal change at a level that makes each person individually accountable to make the change happen in a sphere they have control.

The process allows for organizational initiatives to be well communicated whether you have a team of 2 or a team of 200,000.

What problem does it try to solve?

Helping organizations succeed in the rapid change economy. Today, the ability to adapt is critical to the success of any organization – but, a company can only change when enough people in it change. However, getting people to change can be time consuming and difficult.

How it works?

The process works through a collection of learner-driven, team-based experiential learning that emphasizes the “big picture” and nurtures the development of new mental models. Through game elements, case studies and critical thinking elements learners gain their “A-HA” moments…when they see how their decisions and actions make a difference in the success of the organization. Download the 3-Steps To Change document

What is the expected result?

The people on your team change sooner and more successfully because you all work smarter, not harder – and your organization prospers faster in changing times.

To find out how to bring this program to your organization. Click here for a FREE 15-minutes change consultation.

The Prosper-From-Change Journey

Leader Ready Change
Team Ready Change
All Ready Change

The Different Ways to Supercharge Your Change Program

Business Retreats

Business Retreats
Business retreats are great way to get leaders and their teams focussed on what’s important. Using our custom services our facilitators are able to enrich the quality of each business retreat by integrating the right facilitated sessions to drive the desired outcomes.
Your teams leave the retreat understanding what’s most important and why. Contact a consultant

Team Building

Team Building
Use the content for team development or team building. Designed to get a new team off the ground and firing, or an existing team aiming towards better higher levels of performance. Our expert facilitators help each team understand each other better, relate with stakeholders better, understand team visions and the bottom-line constraints facing the team. Contact a consultant

Strategic Planning Sessions

Strategic Planning Sessions
Inject one of our high-energy & deep thinking sessions in any of your Strategy Planning meetings, as the fulcrum for achieving important strategic alignment around bold organizational moves or changes in direction. Your group, in the hands of consultants, will immerse in powerful expositions in developing strategic-thinking, leaving them on the way to staunifying around a shared vision for the organization. Contact a consultant

Kick-off Meetings

Kick-off Meetings
Kick-off meetings are a great way to start the new business year, a project, or even get a newly formed team to bond. Our expert facilitators can help drive the delivery of the fine messaging you’d like your people to imbibe from each kick-off meeting. Injecting fun and humor into the flow, we always leave a mark that is indelible in people’s minds as to what each calendar period and its expected deliverables are. Contact a consultant

Conference Keynotes

Conference Keynotes
Conference Keynotes can be delivered by professional-level speakers using thought provoking content either as uplifting openers or exciting closers for a conference. Contact a consultant

Other Meetings & Events

Other Meetings & Events
Jazz up and enliven ordinary meetings to deliver productivity spikes. When you inject our 1-3 hour pep talks and small group activities meetings can be spiced up with people better motivated to act. Contact a consultant

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Our Facilitators

Oliver Nnona Change management training in nigeria
Oliver Nnona

Certified Trainer

Oliver comes with a personal change profile that scores him high on the change Readiness and change anticipation scale. Put simply, he is constantly sampling the environment to monitor change and using relevant information prepares himself and his organization to ride each wave of change. Oliver is known to bring these unique sets of characteristics during his change facilitation sessions, to the acclaim of clients. He is a master of Cultural Change Management and has facilitated globally across industries, in different team sizes of organizations. Besides change management consulting, Oliver is actively involved in the research and development of learning intervention programs for all levels across multiple industries.
Comfor Cole Change management facilitator in nigeria
Comfort Coleman

Certified Trainer

Mrs. Comfort Coleman is a key member of the facilitator’s team and has facilitated change management programmes across a wide range of audience. She brings in a high level of experience, multi-dimensional and multi-functional abilities. She is a certified DiSC instructor and has other experiences in versatile subjects like self-management/talent management, Etiquette, Ethics and corporate branding. Comfort’s personal change profile sits well on the change anticipation scale, a skill she has honed very well when it comes to applying the change management principles to her personal and professional life. She is a ‘Thinker’ and ‘Analyser’ meaning that most change options will be thoroughly scrutinized before taking actions.
Max Ubah Change management trainer in nigeria
Max Ubah

Certified Trainer

Dr Maxwell is a recognized and experienced facilitator who has facilitated trainings in change management programmes across Africa, through different industries in large teams of 100- 300 people. He is certified trainer by Spencer Johnsons Partners to teach change management skills in Nigeria and Africa. His personal change profile marks him out as one who spots changes and takes steps to be in the top. When it comes to personal application of the change assessment at work and personal decisions, Max scores high on the Change Readiness Scale. This means he frequently anticipates change and even though sometimes he could delay in taking action. In addition to his change management consulting, he also has experiences in team building, leadership delivery, business strategy, project management and people development.
Lola Nnona Change management training in nigera
Lola Nnona

Certified Trainer

Lola is known by clients for her training subject matter mastery in change management as well as strong facilitating and problem solving skills. Lola has a keen eye for spotting new opportunities to change and almost always has to plan of action, putting her in the top 30% of people who have taken the change profile assessment. With this type of change readiness Lola establishes a sense of urgency early on her highly sociable personality can be an asset when getting others to change. She is a certified Change Management Training Facilitator with a wide portfolio showing her high level of experience. Her professional experience also covers business operations management, marketing, sales, business development, and leadership & team management.
Vivian Chris Change management trainer in nigeria
Vivian Chris

Certified Trainer

Vivian approaches all change scenarios with a keen eye on “what could possibly go wrong” and does a thorough analysis of options, before settling on an immediate line of action to be taken now. She mirrors this in her workshop sessions. Vivian brings over a decade worth of experience in handling change management to the team. She is a dynamic and result- oriented facilitator, with highly exceptional skills which has been experienced by a wide range of organizations across different sectors of the economy in both large and medium team class sizes. Vivian also specializes in Customer Service Management, Business Process Outsourcing Process and organizational transformation. Vivian’s change facilitation style underscores her rating on the change energy scale as a high energy change individual. She warms up to most change scenarios and then sustains the momentum for the long haul.
Victor Diali Change management facilitator in nigeria
Victor Diali

Certified Trainer

Victor Diali is an exceptional and inspirational trainer/facilitator who has been acknowledged as one of the most effective trainers in Africa. Thousands of individuals, including professionals from hundreds of organizations across Africa, have benefited from the immense depth of knowledge and breadth of skill of Mr. Victor Diali. He is an accredited Change manager and in addition to that, he is has experiences in Sales Effectiveness, leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness, personality management and emotional intelligence. Victor has a very high score on the change anticipation and readiness scale which means that he is anticipates change and is constantly prepared for any form of change that would arise.

Proof Points
Reasons Why They Keep Choosing Us.

Change management training in Nigeria

Great Facilitation
Whether it's for a small team meeting or for a management strategy session , our expert facilitators will masterfully guide your teams on how best to develop change consciousness. Our intensive facilitator training & rigorous certification program ensures you get the best people with the right experience to work on your project at any pint in time.

Change management teaching aids in Nigeria

Teaching Aids that rock
From Award Winning Videos to 5-start rated table-top simulation materials, our teaching aids rock. We are at the high end of immersion experience and this can be achieved only through the innovative use of cutting edge materials to create understanding generate interest and sustain involvement by participants.

Change management materials in Nigeria

Participant Materials
Developed by a combined team of Instruction Systems Designers and user-experience specialists, our colorful workshop materials help users understand and remember concepts and the key ideas from each session. They are also created in such a way that your team members continue to use them long after each workshop or session.

Change management assessment in Nigeria

Used as either pre-workshop or post-workshop modes, and even as part of a live session, our occupational assessment team designs fantastic feedback instruments to help our clients see problems and solutions better. Whether it’s something as simple as our popular change-o-meter (a personal change readiness dip stick) or the more elaborate Change Profile, these technology powered assessment tools help all types of people within an organization understand how they themselves and others deal with change.